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An online design platform for intelligent manufacturing

The Manutelligence project is creating an online platform for manufacturing companies that aims to boost efficiency when designing a new service or product. The platform will also enable the reuse and optimisation of designs and close the gap between design, manufacturing and testing.
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Focusing on four use cases – automotive, ships, smart houses and the ‘FABLab’ (a digital manufacturing workplace that can be used by anyone), the project team is building a secure space in which designers and engineers can access information from IT and Internet of Things (IoT) systems.
The process starts with initial design as a simple computer-aided design drawing and simulation, for which design tools and simulation suites will be integrated. Designers will then create a digital mock-up of the product, containing all relevant data, and the product or service will then be simulated and tested in a virtual environment.
Information from the digital mock-up will feed into the process design and the manufacturing phases. Process design and manufacturing execution tools will enable engineers to design and manage these phases, turning the digital mock-up into a physical product.
From then on, information from the IoT will enable traceability and sensoring of physical products during the testing, usage, maintenance and after sales services.

Project details
  • Project acronym:Manutelligence
  • Participants:Italy (Coordinator), Germany, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden
  • Project Reference N° 636951
  • Total cost: €4 816 510
  • EU contribution: €4 267 735
  • Duration:February 2015 - January 2018

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