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H2020 Hacks: SME Instrument Phase 2 success story with bite!

Welcome to show number 99!  It is summer in Scotland and the weather is ... passable. Warm rain, summer kilts and sunscreen are the order of the day.
This podcast features an amazing Scottish company called Calcivis who secured €2.6m (£1.9m) in grant funding from the European Commission under Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Programme to develop their Calcivis® Caries Activity Imaging System.
Their business model is based around subcontracting; they had never applied for European funding before and they applied directly to SME Instrument phase 2! 
Adam Christie, CEO of Calcivis's top tips for people considering applying directly to SME Instrument Phase 2 are:
  1. "Phase two really is about the business plan. So while it is critical that your technology is differentiated, it is highly competitive, it is protected ...it is all about the business plan ... focus on the business plan."
  2. "Get involved early; we of necessity had to do this extremely quickly because we weren’t aware of the process until relatively late on and I wouldn’t recommend that: I think it would be far better to do it in a structured way, ideally if you can go through phase one and then phase two, but get familiar with the programme and get in there early."
  3. "We got invaluable feedback from the Scottish Enterprise team, from the national contact points and from EEN (Enterprise Europe Network) ... the feedback was extremely useful in terms of polishing the proposal and I am sure it contributed to the success that we finally had."
A well deserved success for another innovative, forward-thinking Scottish business, where success in SME Instrument Phase 2 has been the start of a whole new round of funding including support from the Scottish Investment Bank.
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So that was episode 99. How will we celebrate episode 100? 
Join us to find out next time.

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