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LIFE Climate Action: Grants and projects

Grants are available for a variety of different climate action projects including pilot, demonstration, best practice and capacity building projects. Grants are also available for non-governmental organisations, working towards climate goals at European level.

Action grant projects

Action grants are aimed at projects that pursue general and specific objectives of the priority areas. There are several different types of projects:
  • Pilot projects. These apply a technique or method that has not been applied or tested before, or elsewhere, and that offer potential climate advantages compared to current best practice
  • Demonstration projects. These put into practice, test, evaluate and disseminate actions, methodologies or approaches that are new or unknown in the project's specific context, such as geographical, ecological, socio-economic, and that could be applied elsewhere in similar circumstances.
  • Best practice projects. These apply appropriate, cost-effective, state-of-the-art techniques, methods and approaches taking into account the specific context of the project;
  • Information, awareness, and dissemination projects. These aim to support communication, dissemination of information and awareness raising in the field of climate action.
The call for action grants is open now (closed on 15 September 2015, 16:00 Brussels time).

Integrated projects

These are projects that implement climate plans,strategies or roadmaps required by specific EU climate legislation on a large territorial scale, in particular at regional, multi-regional, national or transnational level. They must ensure the involvement of stakeholders and promote the coordination with and mobilisation of at least one other relevant Union, national or private funding source. Integrated projects could support, for example, the implementation of the 2030 climate and energy framework or the EU Adaptation Strategy.
Under LIFE Climate Action, the first call for proposals (concept notes) for integrated projects is launched now (closed on 1 October 2015, 16:00 Brussels time).
In 2015 a call for technical assistance projects is also published. The aim is to use them for the preparation of integrated projects that can be submitted in the following year. The call is open now (closed on 15 September 2015, 16:00 Brussels time).
Action grants projectsIntegrated projects
These are not directly linked to a plan or simply limited to the implementation of only one or several aspects of a plan.These serve as a catalyst for the implementation of an EU plan from A to Z in a given region/number of cities by providing an example of good practice for efficient and well-coordinated implementation.
The focus is on concrete conservation actions/demonstration/pilots

Stand-alone projects, with optional links to a plan/Strategy
The focus is on co-ordinating and ensuring the commitment of all relevant actors to implement the whole plan (to a great part outside the integrated project).
Call for proposal launchedCall for proposals in 2015 (but start with the intensive preparation as soon as possible)
For more information, see the Multiannual Work Programme

Operating grants

Operating grants will be made available for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that are primarily active in the field of climate action and/or environment.
The objective of this call for proposals is to co-finance the operational and administrative costs of EU level climate and/or environmental NGOs in relation to activities, provided for in their annual work programme, that involve contributing to the implementation and/or development of EU environmental and/or climate policy and legislation in the EU. The expected result is to strengthen civil society participation in the dialogue process of environmental and/or climate policy development and implementation.
For the first time a call on a NGO framework partnership will be launched in 2015.
Preparatory projects address specific needs for the development and implementation of Union environmental or climate policy and legislation. The specific need under the Climate Action sub-programme in 2015 is  the "Establishment of a network for the quantification of the effect of cropland and grazing land management on climate".
The establishment of a network should strengthen the cooperation between different regions and facilitate the sharing of experiences and best practices and pointing out current difficulties and common challenges. Furthermore, it should aim to identify gaps in knowledge for accurate and complete estimations of greenhouse gas emissions and removals of cropland management as well as grazing land management and seeking for knowledge transfer and practical solutions. The project/network should contribute to:
  • the improvement of greenhouse gas reporting for cropland and grazing land management emissions and removals, in particular mineral soils as typically found in Southern European Union/Mediterranean countries, under the decision 529/2013/EU and the Kyoto Protocol (greenhouse gas estimation methods)
  • the assessment of the impact of CAP 2014-2020 on climate change mitigation.
The call will close on 30 October 2015, 16:00 Brussels time.
Provisional Calendar 2015: Summary Table
Grant TypePhaseOpening DateClosing Date
Traditional Projects
Climate Change Mitigation 01 June 201515 September 2015
Climate Change Adaptation 01 June 201515 September 2015
Preparatory Projects 01 June 201530 October 2015
Technical Assistance Projects 01 June 2015Mid September 2015
Integrated ProjectsConcept Notes01 June 201501 October 2015
Full Proposals Mid April 2016

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