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Picsima is the next generation polymer based 3D Print Technology capable of 3D printing cross linked polymers such as silicones, epoxy resins and acrylics. 

The initial focus is on 3D Printing silicone as it is a material we are very familiar with (through previous 3D Printing projects we have undertaken in 3D Printing soft tissue prostheses). Although there are many companies claiming to extrude silicone, this limits the geometry of parts that can be 3D Printed. With our method, there is no need to create any support materials. This opens up greater design freedom in creating 3D Printed parts in silicone. 

Where our system also differs from other methods for 3D printing soft polymers, we use commercially available 'off the shelf' silicones from well and long established manufacturers. Our unique IP is in the way we control the polymerisation of the silicone. The benefit to our clients is we can make very soft parts (down to Shore Hardness 10 A) and we can make very thin parts (sheets as thin as 400 microns)

To talk to us about how we might help you 3D Print your silicone prototype, please contactprintmypart@picsima.com where one of our consultants will be able to advise you in how we might assist.


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