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Looking for the latest innovative trends in business and industry?

The Business Innovative Observatory offers evidence on the latest innovative trends in business and industry, emerging in Europe
The Business Innovative Observatory offers evidence on the latest innovative trends in business and industry, emerging in Europe.
The objectives are to identify them, present tools to overcome the barriers of innovation, to promote relationships between stakeholders and spread the project’s findings via the social media.  The observatory limits the number of innovative trends evaluated by semester to be able to investigate them through 10 case studies, a trend report and a workshop/conference.
The case studies present the success stories of several innovative companies. The business innovation specialists publicize 20 to 24 case studies every year. They are divided by semester and then by topic.
To help you find easily the case studies you are looking for, here are some example:
v Smart health in Internet of Things
v Closed-loop waste management and Circular supply in Clean technologies
v Smart construction in Smart Living
v Analytics and Decision Making, artificial intelligence in Big data
v Accessibility Based Business Models for Peer-to-Peer Markets in Sharing economy
v 4 cases studies in Innovative business models for global competitiveness
The trend reports propose specific policy recommendations about the analysed business innovation trends. The last one is about disruptive innovation towards smart value chains.  It is investigated by “Internet of Things”, “Service innovation for smart industry” and “Traceability across the value chain”. First, the report describes the disruptive innovations that are the most likely to change the human’s life in the future: constant body monitoring, human-robot collaboration and driverless cars. Those innovations create new challenges that need to deal with data security and privacy, technology standards and skill gaps and qualification mismatches.

The full report is accessible on the following website as well as all the information you need about The Business Innovation Observatory:http://ec.europa.eu/growth/industry/innovation/business-innovation-observatory/trend-reports/index_en.htm

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