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Over €800 million requested for H2020 transport research projects

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Creation date: October 16, 2015
INEA has received 125 project proposals by the 15 October deadline for three calls in the fields of Mobility for Growth and Green Vehicles, requesting over €800 million in total EU funding. The total available budget for all three calls is €386 million. Evaluation of the project proposals will start in November.

H2020-MG-2015-TwoStages call was open to 58 project proposals selected in the first stage of the call. Up to €144.5 million in total are available for proposals that addresses mode-specific (aviation, rail, road, waterborne) and transport integration challenges (urban, logistics, intelligent transport systems, infrastructure), as well as cross-cutting issues. 57 project proposals have been submitted for this call requesting in total €450.4 million.

H2020-MG-SingleStage-B call offers €18.5 million in total for the best projects in the following areas:
Safe and connected automation in road transport
Innovative solutions for cleaner and better urban transport and mobility
Facilitating market uptake of innovative transport infrastructure solutions
Smart governance, network resilience and streamlined delivery of infrastructure innovation
22 projects requesting €39.9 million will compete for funding under this call.

H2020-GV-2015 with the total available funding of €30 million will support projects in the following areas:
Powertrain control for heavy-duty vehicles with optimised emission
Electric vehicles’ enhanced performance and integration into the transport system and the grid

€312 million in total has been requested by 46 applicants under this call. The highest interest has been on the topic of electric vehicles: 41 proposals submitted for a maximum EU contribution of €20 million.

Evaluation of the three calls is expected to start early in November 2015. The results will be announced no later than 15 March 2016.

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