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Multi-modal integration of cycling mobility through product and process innovations in bicycle design


The project developed a foldable bike enabling a fluid synergy between cycling, driving and public transportation. The innovation to make the bike lighter and smaller than existing models comes from an original way of making a hinged bicycle frame which combines light weight, strength, high compactness and automatic opening-closing. The design is modern, economically efficient and scalable, while being environmentally certified, technologically reliable and with low maintenance.

Project achievements/results:
BIKE INTERMODAL's technological advancements have provided a newer, better and higher-performing product for, among others, urban commuters and fleet services (car rentals, cruise ships, hotels) and for emergency mobility. Researchers overcame the volume and weight problems that affect all other folding bicycles currently on the market. The resulting folded bike package is just slightly bigger than a briefcase (40x50x15 cm). Folded, it occupies just 30 litres, 3 times less than the most compact model on offer in the global market. Unfolded it is a normal bicycle height. Currently, the compact, lightweight bicycle is still a prototype, but the project already won the Gaetano Marzotto Award for start-ups 'From the Idea to Enterprise' and the UniCredit Bank sponsored prize 'The Talent of Ideas' in November 2013. The personal vehicle will soon be mass produced and marketed broadly.

Programme name:
Seventh Research framework programme (incl. compl. of sixth Research FP)
EC’s priorities:
Jobs, Growth and Investment
EU Budget contribution to the project:
1 581 000
Coordinating organis.(s) /institution (s) :
Project partner(s):
Gerrmany, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia
Project location:
2010 to 2014
Project webpage:
Related information:
Research on Europa
Press Release

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