понедельник, 7 декабря 2015 г.

#COP21Solutions: Chill a Drink in 45 Seconds With 80% More Efficient Technology

Low energy use and low-cost rapid cooling technology.

As world leaders meet in Paris to negotiate a new international climate agreement, we will highlight each day an innovative EU-funded project that helps us understand, adapt to or slow down climate change. Today's project is: V-TEX Multi funded through Horizon 2020.

Over the long hot summer many of us reached for a cold drink. But what is the financial and environmental cost of our demand for cool drinks?

Rapidcool, an innovative project supported by European Union research funding, aims at reducing the energy requirements for cooling drinks at the point of sale, saving retailers’ money and ultimately helping the environment. The outcome is a low energy use, low-cost rapid cooling technology that enables pre-packed beverages to be stored at ambient temperature and then rapidly chilled.

Now, Enviro-Cool is ready to take it to the mass markets with a project named V-TEX Multi, partially financed by H2020's SME instrument. From households to vendors and supermarkets, company is confident that V-TEX solution provides significant value to end users and Europe as a whole.

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