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Fast track to innovation - last call in 2016

Fast track to innovation - last call in 2016
Kristina Kočet Hudrap
Horizon 2020 * EU funds * CEO Tiko Pro d.o.o.
Scene setter
Innovation is fostered when new ideas can emerge and easily translate into socio-economic value. Working together, partners with complementary backgrounds, knowledge and skills, and in new and established value-chains, can turn these ideas into sustainable innovative products, processes and services that both address societal challenges and/or are highly competitive in global markets. FTI aims to accelerate this commercialisation process by providing extended funding opportunities through an open and agile scheme nurturing bottom-up ideas from innovative constituencies across Europe.
Scope of the programme
The FTI pilot supports projects undertaking innovation from the demonstration stage through to market uptake, including stages such as piloting, test-beds, systems validation in real world/working conditions, validation of business models, pre-normative research, and standard-setting. It targets relatively mature new technologies, concepts, processes and business models that need a last development step to reach the market and achieve wider deployment.
Technology Readiness Level
At Least 6: technology demonstrated in relevant environment (industrially relevant environment in the case of key enabling technologies)
All scientific sector (LEIT and Societal challenge)
Programme’s Budget
100 M€
From 3 up to 5 legal entities established in 3 different eligible countries (Member States or Associated Countries)
Proposal’s Budget
Up to 3 M€
Co-Financing: till 70%
15.3.2016; 1.6.2016 and 25.10.2016. After the year 2016, the call will be closed. 

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