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Artomatix is shaping the future of 3D design with AI

Meet the SME Instrument Innovators
Irish start-up Artomatix has just closed a seed round and has raises €2.1m to develop 3d immersive worlds using artificial intelligence. 
When you play a video game, either all the trees or faces in the background look roughly the same or a designer has to spend hours designing every pixel of a branch or an eyebrow. This painstaking and costly process could soon end with Artomatix that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to produce an infinite amount of different 3D images from one single template. Instead of designing for example an intricate brick wall pixel by pixel for use in a video game scene, one could take a photo of a brick wall with their phone and the technology would extrapolate the rest, imagining a new ‘virtual’ brick wall. Rather than being the paintbrush the computer would act as the painter and the visual artist would become the art director, providing the high level guidance and vision. Artomatix is offering the technology as a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The technology will give 3D artists the ability to speed up their workflow and offer users an unbeatable experience. 
Artomatix received an SME Instrument Phase 2 grant in 2016 and managed to raise 0.6 million from business angels and Enterprise Ireland. The company was founded in 2014 by two passionate scientists and grew over the years to employ 17 people. The funding will be used to hire more engineers and researchers to develop the technology.  
Watch the CEO Dr Eric Risser pitch Artomatix!

/easme/en/files/ht-2015-eric-risser-artomatix-it-security-startup-pitchHT 2015 - Eric Risser, Artomatix - IT & Security Startup Pitch

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