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Paptic is fantastic! A new sustainable material that challenges plastic

Paptic makes a renewable and recyclable packaging material made of wood fiber
The plastic bags we use for only a few minutes can last for as long as 15 to 1,000 years in the environment, suffocating our oceans and causing remarkable damage to our environment. About 1 trillion plastic bags are used every year, with 89% of them only oncePAPTIC® is a next generation packaging material offers an unseen combination of the qualities of both paper and plastics. Paptic has all the advantages of plastic - it's versatile, reusable, light-weight, soft - but it's made from renewable raw materials and is recyclable!
Paptic is made of sustainable wood fibre, and is suitable for uses where plastic films have previously been the only alternative. For the moment the material is made of more than 70% renewable materials and is 80% recyclable, but eventually both figures will reach 100%. 
Paptic is heat-sealable, and so it can be used in various packaging applications. It can be stretched up to 20% and its more resistant than plastic films. This means it doesn't lose its shape easily when loaded. As with plastic bags, the Paptic bag can be folded to a small volume and stored ready for its next use.
The versatility of Paptic, along with its recyclable properties make the material a powerful tool for environmentally conscious brands.
PAPTIC® Ltd is a Finnish start-up and spin-off established in April 2015. The technology platform is based on a 7 year and €10m research portfolio, spun-off from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.
The company received funding from the SME Instrument Phase 2 in 2016 to scale-up their production. The technology is protected by several patent applications. PAPTIC® Ltd seed funding round of over 1.1m EUR was closed in April 2015. Currently PAPTIC® has signed three LOIs with brand owners to perform the first market campaigns and to create first revenue.
Learn more about Paptic or watch their video:

/easme/en/files/paptic-revolutionary-environmental-new-material-replacing-paper-and-plasticPaptic - revolutionary, environmental new material replacing paper and plastic

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