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Want to reduce your energy bill to save money? Interested in producing and consuming your own renewable energy? Here's how

Renewable energy, group purchasing, energy savings

Renewable energy, group purchasing, energy savings
All this is possible with group purchasing, a way to collectively buy solar panels, heat pumps, or wood pellets for stoves to help you reduce purchasing costs for sustainable energy systems and ultimately the energy bill of your company or home.  So what do you need to do to benefit from the most advantageous prices, high quality and monitoring of the installation? Our project gives you a CLEAR answer.
The CLEAR project has launched online platforms acting as one-stop-shops to actively guide consumers in Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal and The Netherlandsthrough all the stages leading to the purchase of Renewable Energy Systems for self-generation of electricity and heat, such as solar PV modules, solar thermal collectors, heat pumps and wood pellet stoves.
Consumers can find decision support tools to help them along their purchase journey. They obtain information on renewable energy systems based on the results of product testing, interact with peers, and receive personal assistance via access to a pool of experts from consumer organisations. For instance, the Italian approach casarinnovabile.it has won the Ministry of Economic Development prize 'Italy in Class A' on best information on sustainable energy to consumers.
In three years the project partners have launched 26 group purchases with the objective of lowering the cost of technologies for the public consumer, whilst ensuring top quality. Thanks to the testing of more than 170 renewable energy systems, consumers have been offered the best products on the market. This collective effort, driven by consumer associations, has managed to ensure trust and decrease upfront costs; supporting the Energy Union's sustainability goals and allowing citizens to take part in an energy revolution which allows them to produce and consume their own energy.
Thanks to the CLEAR project more than 97 000 consumers have registered to group purchases that have triggered more than 27 000 renewable energy installations with lower cost than normal. This equates to an estimated total investment in renewable energy systems of more than 196 million Euros. In Belgium, the first photovoltaic purchase group resulted on average in a 17% discount on the full installation cost together with a free installation check from certification bodies. In other countries a 12-15% discount was achieved on pellet stoves in Italy, whilst in Spain a discount on average of 1200 € for heat pumps was negotiated, and in the Netherlands photovoltaic action brought to the consumers a discount of 200 €/kWp. Find out more from the CLEAR website.
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