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Lithuanian start-up NanoAvionics, bold pioneers in space

SME Instrument innovator NanoAvionics has signed a mission contract with Argentinian Rupercorp to supply its Earth Observation (EO) demonstration mission with a 2U CubeSat as a precursor for a succeeding constellation. The CubeSat will launch in the first half of 2018. ​

Space has traditionally been occupied by large satellites, but a growing number of smaller spacecraft are gaining the market thanks to their unmet flexibility, affordability and much wider coverage of small satellite constellations. NanoAvionics, is developing a propulsion system for small satellites that would help uncover their full market potential. 
Small satellites are financially less risky for customers who need to perform a quick specific task or add capacity to an existing fleet, than a large, more expensive satellite with overcapacity.
NanoAvionic's goal is to bring smallsats closer to their larger counterparts in terms of functionality, therefore making space affordable to a wider range of organizations worldwide. The project also ticks the box of environmental consciousness as the propulsion system runs on non-toxic and "green" monopropellant.  
NanoAvionics is the first small satellite company in Europe to address the need for a low-cost and high-performance chemical propulsion system for small satellites, which would be compatible with CubeSats. The propulsion system had the potential to unlock massive relaunch savings for satellite operators by an estimated 80 %
NanoAvionics has been developing this chemical propulsion system since 2009. But recently the company validated the technology by completing a successful in-orbit test of the first ever chemical propulsion system running on-board a CubeSat. The CubeSat was launched on 23 June and the test was performed two weeks later in orbit, at an altitude of 508 km.
Lithuanian NanoAvionics is a Small Satellite manufacturer and mission integrator, serving from single missions to constellations. NanoAvionics was awarded an SME Instrument Phase 1 grant that followed-on to a Phase 2 grant in 2017.

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