вторник, 26 сентября 2017 г.

Selfdiagnostics receive funding from government-established Archimedes Foundation

Selfdiagnostics together with University of Tartu, Fraunhofer Institute, Tallinn University of Technology and Technische Universität Dresden has developed a platform for detecting infectious diseases based on standard technology that has been used by laboratories all over the world. Selfdiagnostics solution is revolutionary because for the first time this so far lab-only technology has been put to work in a diagnostics device which is pocket-sized and affordable to end users.
Based on statistics from The World Health Organization WHO every 3rd cause of death in the world is due to infectious diseases and many cases could be avoided by timely detection of diseases. Selfdiagnostics’ new technology gives everybody and everywhere the possibility to accurately and timely detect the infection and get to a health care facility on time.
According to Selfdiagnostics’ founder and CEO Marko Lehes the company’s intention is that the tests for detecting the widest spread infections including tuberculosis, digestive tract, respiratory tract infections and STDs would be available as soon as possible. The first product – the STD Multitest will be launched in November 2017.
In July 2017 FIND, a co-op partner of the World Health Organization that enables the development and delivery of diagnostics solutions worldwide, acknowledges Selfdiagnostics as one of the key solutions in fighting tuberculosis.
Selfdiagnostics’ pioneering molecular rapid test technology and product series will have its first worldwide appearance at Medica 2017, the leading trade fair for the medical industry held in Dusseldorf, Germany in November.

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